3 – Why am I doing this and How

  1. Main Reason is Self-Improvement
    1. If you teach something to someone, you get better at that thing yourself.
  2. It is also a form of continuous learning and keeping your knowledge up to date.
  3. What I have learned:
    1. It is form of broadcasting which means that there is work involved in getting each episode published.
    2. Each episode consists of recording, post-edit, and publishing.
    3. I bought a desktop microphone and have a hand-held coming on Monday.
    4. I use Audacity, free software, for editing and combining all the tracks for the episode.
      1. Noise reduction.
      2. Normalization
      3. Apply Equalizers
      4. Clip out bad segments
    5. I use Buzzsprout for my publishing platform.  It will send the rss feed out to the major directories.
    6. I use Blogger for my show notes for each episode (you are looking at one of them now).
    7. Advertising:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
    8. Legal Considerations:  Artwork, music (full or clips), royalties, voiceovers, commercial use licenses.
  4. I mean to start with short episodes and get longer when the content merits the time (5-20 minutes).
  5. I will have longer episodes when I have guests (30-45 minutes).