4 – Podcast with a question

Hi all,

 Thanks for checking out this episode of Scott Talks Tech.

I need to find a way to record remote interview sessions with multiple tracks. This will allow me to normalize the volume levels so that the conversation sounds natural.

Here is my setup and what I have tried so far:

Linux Laptop – PopOS 18.04 (Ubuntu based)
Blue Yeti Microphone
SkypeForLinux installed
Open Broadcast Studio installed
Audacity installed

 I have tried to use all the tips and tricks from google and youTube to get this to work but the only thing I have accomplished is to raise my frustration level and record my audio and skype to a single track.

 I was trying to not spend a bunch of money on an external audio recorder but that may be the best option with a Linux laptop. I did find a review on youTube today for Zencastr, so I’m going to check that out tonight.

 Thanks for checking this out, Scott