Scott’s Spot 2 – New Samsung Phone and SmartSwitch

Show Date: 1/13/2020

Guests: None

What Happened?

  • My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had started re-booting several times a day.

What my wireless provider did about it?

  • The first customer service rep looked over my phone and account info and recommended that I talk to the warranty repair/replacement people since I had replacement insurance on the device the whole time that I owned it.
  • I tried to call this line several times and got consistent 20 minute hold times (when my phone didn’t re-boot during the call).
  • The one time that I talked to someone from warranty, they picked up just as I pulled into my Vet for a pre-scheduled appointment. I was told I would get a callback around 4 pm that day…. It never happened.
  • The second customer service rep that I talked to looked at my account and entered a replacement ticket for me. No Hassles.
  • I got my replacement phone the next day.
  • The transfer directions stated that one option was to use the Backup to Google Drive option, but I found that this did not want to copy my contacts for some reason.
  • I used the Samsung SmartSwitch to move all my data from my old device to the new one. It was fairly smooth even though it said it was going to take about 1 hour and 10 minutes and was finished in about 25 minutes……darn the luck.

So don’t just listen to the first rep you talk to….no matter who your carrier/provider is. Try another store or rep and you might get a better result.
Good marks for the SmartSwitch app which made moving to another device mostly painless.